The word Bengal is derived from the ancient kingdom of Vanga or Banga. It is believed that the British named it as "Bengal" when they captured the land of rich cultural heritage.It is here in West Bengal that the movement of revivalism of everything Indian took place which came to be known as "Bengal Renaissance" where the great figures of India like hundreds of great soul viz. philosophers, scientists, patriots, and many more personalities born who played a crucial role in the political and spiritual and economic reformation of India. The region of Bengal was strategic even to the British who establish the East India Company in India and started the process of colonization of India.

West Bengal, a state in east India has its capital as Kolkatta.

It stretches from Himalayas in the north to Bay of Bengal in the south.

It houses the world famous Sunderbans. It has nineteen districts and the major cities are Kolkatta, Siliguri, Burdwan, Durgapur, Kharagpur, Darjeeling and Malda. West Bengal is one of the most industrialized states. Tea, Steel, Jute, Sugar, Chemical, Fertilizers, Medicines and Pharmaceuticals are some of the important industries in the state.

The agriculture of the state mainly constitutes crops such as rice, maize, pulses, oil seeds, wheat, barley, potatoes and vegetables. Kolkatta is a major hub for the Information Technology.

Real estate, financial consultancies, travel and tourism and hotel industry are some other services that contribute to the state economy.

In 1947 when India became independent Bengal was partitioned between India and Pakistan. India's share came to be known as West Bengal and Pakistan's share was called East Pakistan. Later, the state of Cooch Behar, French enclave of Chandranagore and some parts of Bihar were added to West Bengal. Bengal represents the land that possess a distinct culture with its indigenous art and crafts and make it an important part of the Indian Union.

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